Try LulaRoe Clothes For Free By Hosting a Party!

That's right! You can earn free clothes just by setting up a party! There are two ways to do this: An In-Home Party, or hosting a party on Facebook! What's in it for you? For every ten items you sell, you will get a free LulaRoe product of your choice! Not only that, but you ALSO get 25% off your next order for that party! Win-win. :)

In-Home Parties

We bring the party to you! If you're in the Las Vegas Valley, I'm available! For any other locations, check our Consultant Map to find a "We Heart Fashion" Consultant near you! This is an excellent opportunity to make great new friends while also having fun with unique, premium LulaRoe clothing! Make it a girls' night!

Facebook Parties

This is another exciting option that perhaps may seem a little less daunting to start with! All you do is invite your friends to a group that I've created for you... then watch as your friends purchase the clothes they love and you earn free clothing for yourself! Let me do all the work! :)